What is Embassy?

What is Embassy is the most asked question and people from all over the world are working in different sections of the embassy. Embassy in the world can be defined as a building or kind of complex that serves as a representative of another country. An embassy is basically a place where representatives who are also known as ambassadors reside, where they do the interaction with the host of other country and resolve major disputes and issues.


The USA, America has also their embassy in Germany; it is the best example to understand what is the embassy. A lot of ambassadors go to Germany from the USA to meet the other ambassadors and resolve matters. Moreover, sometimes the bunch of people takes part in and yes, it’s true that require a lot of security so the guards are with them like for 24/7.


In this era of technology and globalization, the interaction is one of the important factors and what else we know is it is necessary to get interacted with other people so we get to know what actually going on in the world. Diplomatic practices are real and they conducted by the states which have become a multidimensional thing. The embassy is also known as a permanent diplomatic mission in which many people or groups of people participated. The most important function of the embassy in a world is to represent own country.


Through the events of Embassies, we collect the major information and also keep ourselves in touch with the national and international media. Embassies are the major source from where one can judge the country’s hostility so make sure to be friendly in diplomatic ways.


Well, who are ambassadors? Ambassadors are the housekeepers of the embassy, like; they represent their country through behavior, diplomacy, and being friendly. They are the necessary people on the table of lunch and conversation of offices. They also work from home and give their time to Embassy and their country. Think, now it’s clear what is embassy!