What is Consulates?

What is Consulate and its importances.

Consulate is like smaller embassy branches such as Major tourist cities of the world or a large number of migrant countries are found. Consulate of Visa, Passport and Emergency Documents. They document jobs, register births, and deaths and deal with serious issues such as forced marriages and child kidnapping.

Consulate has to assist citizens in captivity and abroad victims of crime. It also helps in cases of critical illness during travel or death of relatives in foreign countries. This is the first point of contact when passports are lost or stolen or there is no other serious problem while staying or traveling abroad. Their main task is to help people.

The consulate provides some work just like the embassy without a banner of work under the country’s diplomatic care. The consular head will be called consul. The objective of the consulate is to promote trade among the countries and to provide equal services to the embassy abroad for our countrymen. These services include issuing visas and representing the requirements of expatriate citizens. Consulates are usually located in large cities and cities, especially those with large civilian traffic to serve their many citizens. Some of the importance includes,

Medical emergency

If the traveler is ill, the consulate will help the person find the source of local medical treatment. At the request, the consulate will contact the family or friends at home to inform the sickness or injury of the passenger.

Legal Aid

If a person is arrested while traveling, the consulate can help the person find a lawyer and navigate to the local legal system. A foreign country is subject to laws in the area where it travels. So the consulate is not free from the jail card, but consulate can save the prison from captivity and inhuman conditions. Consulate can also contact the traveler’s family or friends to inform about the situation. In the event of loss or theft of passenger passport, the Consulate can provide an option within 24 hours.

Consulates will primarily set up a foreign country to assist migrants and travelers, and to some extent, promote and promote friendly relations between the states in relation to the import and export of trade and investment and services between states.

Council is appointed as the official representative of his government (whilst each country only has one ambassador, who represents the head of state). There can be many designated consulates in one country, where they perform various roles with a separate counsel is responsible for consulates in different cities. Consulate sometimes is also part of the embassy in a country’s capital. The high-level consul is known as the Consul General. In the Consul General, the Deputy Consul General or the Deputy Consul or Agent will work to assist them.